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Multi-task machining

In multi-task machines, workpieces can be completed in a single set-up. Here you will find both the tools and know-how to get the job done right. Use our multi-task machining tools for turning to reduce machining time, improve accuracy and get the best result.

Whether it’s calculating your start values, finding a solution to your machining challenges or optimizing the settings for maximized performance – take our shortcut to successful machining.

Choose a Coromant Capto® spindle

Using both static and rotating tools requires broad spindle capability. Coromant Capto® combines the requirements of a traditional machining centre and a lathe, making it perfect to use as the multi-task spindle interface.

Interpolation turning

Interpolation turning was developed for advanced machining centres and b-axis multi-task machines. It works best for new machines where the components have symmetrical features on non-symmetrical components.

Tips for multi-task machining

With multi-task machines there are often several possible methods for performing an operation. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different methods in order to find the one that is right for your project.

When to use turn milling

Turn milling is defined as the milling of a curved surface while rotating the workpiece around its centre point. The method allows for high metal removal with superb chip control.

Silent Tools™ calculators

Use our Silent Tools™ calculators to find the right turning tool for deep hole machining, to calculate tool post balancing and eccentric boring capacity, and more.

Knowledge through e-learning

Want to know how to improve productivity and use the tools? Learn the fundamentals in metal cutting by using our e-learning programme.

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