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Copy milling, contouring

Whether you’re profiling, copy milling, or some other form of 3D milling, you’ll find the ball nose or round insert cutters you need here to get the job done right. Our ball nose cutters include both indexable and solid versions.

How to get the best machining results

The benefits of a tilted cutter

When using a ball nose end mill, tilting the cutter 10 to 15 degrees can improve tool life and chip formation, and provide a better surface finish.

Milling Calculator

The Milling Calculator includes machining and cost calculations. You can even compare two different solutions to see the effect of changing cutting parameters.

How to calculate true cutting speed

Learn how to calculate true cutting speed for shoulder end mills, ball nose cutters, and round insert cutters.

Copy milling vs. Contouring

What are the differences between copy milling and contouring? Read our tips to find out which is best for you.

Why a constant stock is important

A constant stock is one of the truly basic criteria for high and constant productivity in profile milling, especially when using high speeds. Find out more below.

Generating a sculptured surface

Read our tips to learn how to get the best results when generating a sculptured surface, including roughing, semi-roughing, finishing and super-finishing.

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