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Solid milling tools and exchangeable tips

If your milling requires top performance in all areas, including tool life, productivity and component quality, then a solid milling tool is a suitable option. For a high metal removal rate and fantastic component quality, choose a solid carbide end mill or an exchangeable head, depending on your production needs.

How to get the best machining results

Different ways to make a slot

Need to mill a slot that is straight, curved, angled or wider than the tool diameter? Read our tips about the best tools and processes to use.

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Trochoidal milling with solid end mills

Trochoidal milling is an excellent method for slotting when vibration is a problem. It is also suitable for rough milling of confined cavities, pockets and grooves. Read our tips on how to get the best results.

CoroGuide 2.0

Be part of the tool selection, every step of the way. Specify your material, task and parameters to receive the tool recommendation suited for your needs.

The benefits of a tilted cutter

When using a ball nose end mill, tilting the cutter 10 to 15 degrees can improve tool life and chip formation, and provide a better surface finish.

Milling in corners

Machining into corners requires careful consideration of the suitable arc of cutter engagement, and also of the appropriate feed rate. Read our tips on how to get the best results.

Thread milling troubleshooting

Read our troubleshooting section to learn about different forms of insert wear in thread milling and how to prevent them.

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