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Optimized Solutions

A unique line of refined round tools for specific needs that provide extreme efficiency, reliability and durability. Choose Optimized range when you need a tool dedicated for specific material or application. This range is ideal for large to medium batch production demands.


CoroMill® Plura

Solid end mills, tipped end mills, thread mills and router cutters optimized for specific materials and applications

CoroMill® 316

Exchangeable milling heads for specific materials and applications

CoroMill® 326

For chamfering of small holes and threading


CoroDrill® 860

Drills for maximum productivity in specific materials

CoroDrill® 861

Drills for high stability in deep hole drilling

CoroDrill® R846

Drills optimized for heat resistant super alloys

CoroDrill® R840/R841

First choice for productive drilling in multiple materials

CoroDrill® 862

Drills for small diameter precision holes

CoroDrill® 452

Drills for portable hand-held machines and composite materials

CoroDrill® 854

Drills for CNC machines and composite materials

CoroDrill® 863

For CNC, ADU and robotic machines in composite and aerospace assembly materials

CoroDrill® 400 and 430

Drills for ISO-K machining of automotive components.

CoroDrill® 865

Optimized for crankshafts, inclined oil holes


CoroTap™ 100

Straight flute taps optimized for short- chipping materials

CoroTap™ 200

Spiral point taps for through holes

CoroTap™ 300

Spiral flute taps for blind holes

CoroTap™ 400

Forming taps for through and blind holes


CoroReamer™ 830

High feed exchangeable-head tool for through holes



Recondition your round tool up to 3 times for major cost savings with our reconditioning service.

Solid Round Tools catalogue

Download and share your digital version of the Solid Round Tools catalogue.

Tool recommendations

Struggling to find the right tool for the job? CoroPlus® ToolGuide offers quick and accurate tool recommendations on all your digital devices.

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