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Solid milling tools and exchangeable tips

If your milling requires top performance in all areas, including tool life, productivity and component quality, then a solid milling tool is a suitable option. For a high metal removal rate and fantastic component quality, choose a solid carbide end mill or an exchangeable head, depending on your production needs.


Case: CoroMill Plura®

By implementing new solid carbide end mills, Motala Verkstad was able to reach superior productivity levels in end milling.

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Milling highlights

Discover our new milling solutions: CoroMill® QD, CoroMill Plura® heavy-duty end mills, InvoMilling™ 1.0.

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Tooling flexibility for small diameters

The Coromant EH modular system provides great tooling flexibility. Choose from an extensive variety of heads, adaptors and shanks.

New catalogue of high-performance solid round tools available

The comprehensive Solid Round Tools catalogue from Sandvik Coromant includes high-performance solid carbide drills, reamers, end mills, thread mills and HSS taps to serve customers in all operations.

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Advanced milling for composite parts

Splintering, delamination and poor surface finish are common challenges when milling composites. See how CoroMill® Plura routers machine an aircraft wing at high speeds and feeds to achieve a smooth, burr-free finish.

Think small

A long slowdown in the oil industry prompted Knust-Godwin LLC to try another direction. Sandvik Coromant was there to help.

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