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Inserts and grades

​​​​Zertivo® technology

Zertivo is a Sandvik Coromant unique production technology bringing longer tool life, improved predictability and enhanced security to PVD grades.

The innovation behind

Creating a high-quality PVD coating includes many complex process steps, the main ones being pumping, heating, etching, coating and cooling. Process parameters such as temperature, gas flow and pressure, for example, are crucial for the final tool performance. Thus, process conditions have direct impact on the grade and in the end on how the tool performs in your machine. Zertivo technology takes process control to a new level, from the beginning to the end of the PVD production process. Each grade is hence produced with the exact right conditions for that specific grade. The result is improved adhesion between substrate and coating and optimized cutting edge integrity.

Zertivo technology  




Insert grades produced with Zertivo technology

Inside the GC1130 insert

High-Cr content substrate

PVD coating produced with Zertivo technology

Inside the GC4344 insert

High-Cr content substrate

PVD coating produced with Zertivo technology

What does Zertivo technology give?

It enables increased control of the grade production process, which is carefully adapted to the grade specific requirements.

What signifies a grade produced with Zertivo technology?

Improved adhesion between substrate and coating and optimized cutting edge integrity.

What value does Zertivo technology give you?

Zertivo technology amplifies each grades unique benefits, resulting in longer tool life and secure machining.

Inveio®: Uni-directional crystal orientation​

Inveio is the technical breakthrough of uni-directional crystal orientation in the alumina coating layer that gives inserts a new level of wear resistance and tool life.

The material science behind

In conventional CVD alumina coatings, crystal growth direction is random. When developing Inveio, our experts found a way to control the growth in this coating layer, to ensure that all of the crystals lined up in the same direction, with the strongest part towards the top surface. This can be seen in the microscope images below where each crystal direction is given a unique colour.

Inveio® – uni-directional crystal orientation 



In conventional CVD alumina coatings the crystal orientation is random.


With Inveio, every crystal in the alumina coating is lined up in the same direction, towards the top surface.



The effect of Inveio

The tightly-packed uni-directional crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip. This greatly improves crater wear and flank wear resistance. Another effect is that heat is more rapidly led​ away from the cutting zone, helping the cutting edge stay in shape for longer times in cut.

Predictability and long tool life

Inveio has the greatest single effect on the insert s​trength, wear resistance and tool duration. The effect of the Inveio coating is combined with all other elements of the insert: the substrate, the shape of the cutting edge and the post-treatment process. Together this results in long and predictable tool life.

Second generation Inveio® technology

With the introduction of the second generation Inveio technology, the benefits of uni-directional coating have been further developed. Improved crystal orientation makes for an even more consistent performance and significantly improved wear resistance.


Insert grades with Inveio

Sandvik Coromant has successfully implemented this coating technology on the following grades:

  • GC4425​ – The first choice grade for steel turning​
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  • GC4415​ – Your option for steel turning with high metal removal rate
    View assortment
  • GC4305 – Steel turning efficiency in stable conditions
    View assortment
  • GC4335 – Steel turning efficiency under unstable conditions
    View assortment
  • GC2220 – Stainless steel turning in stable conditions
    View assortment
  • GC3330 – The first choice grade for cast iron milling
    View assortment
  • GC4334 – Your first choice insert grade for secure and predictable drilling
    View assortment
  • GC4324 – Your productivity choice for drilling in stable conditions
    View assortment

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