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Tooling systems

A tool for every task

Click on the links below for complete product overviews, tips and success stories for each machining area.


Minimize vibrations

Silent Tools™ damped adaptors are designed to minimize vibrations through a damper inside the tool body. This helps you increase productivity and improve surface quality when working with both long and short overhangs.

Coromant Capto® modular tooling system

Coromant Capto® modular tooling system delivers flexibility and a substantial reduction of tool inventory for all metal-cutting operations. The quick-change system is much faster than interrupting the cycle to change the cutting edge inside the machine.

Machine adapted clamping units – MACU

Increase your machine utilization, productivity and quality through reduced set-up time and tool-change time. The extensive assortment of machine adapted clamping units offers a quick change clamping solution designed for your specific turret interface.

Edd China explores: Vibration-damping technology

What’s the similarity between a huge building and a cutting tool that can fit in the palm of your hand? Join Edd China on his journey to Trondheim, Norway, to find out. See the film to learn about vibration-reducing technology.

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Quick change modular adaptors

Combining modular tool assembling with quick change function on tool side, these Coromant Capto® adaptors dramatically reduce the time spent on set-up and tool change while offering great tooling flexibility.

Machining with driven tool holders

Quick change and driven tool holders reduce total manufacturing time and allow for flexible machining.

Pay off your machine investment faster

To gain the maximum capacity from your machine, it is fundamental to tool it up with the best cutting tools for your production. By working together from the start, we can help you cut payback time on your machine investment by up to an entire year.

High-precision hydraulic chuck for good accessibility

CoroChuck® 930 high-precision hydraulic chuck is available with a slender design with small bore dimensions, providing outstanding performance for your milling, drilling and reaming operations.

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