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Tool recommendation


Struggling to find the right tool for the job?

With CoroGuide® you get quick and accurate tool recommendations – on all your devices!

Enter CoroGuide®

CoroGuide® fully supports the ISO 13399 cutting tool standard and is always ready to provide you with the best possible manufacturing economics. Inserts and grades are categorized according to their ability to handle different machining conditions in the material they are intended for.



August Tegner  

Product Manager for Small part machining, Antti Wikström, has been involved in the development of CoroGuide®

What is CoroGuide?

CoroGuide is an application that enables you to find a suitable cutting tool for a given task. In our latest release of CoroGuide we have focused on improving the user experience, making it easier to navigate and finding the right tool either from you computer, mobile or tablet. That is what CoroGuide is all about, quick and user-friendly support at an instant.

How does it work?

CoroGuide creates an organized list of all the suitable tools, with the most economical choice at the top. It will also show the suggested machining process and cutting data. The list is generated by an algorithm that matches the stated task and conditions with Sandvik Coromant tools. The algorithm holds information about the different machining processes that can be used for different tasks and the product data on the tool holds information of what machining processes the tool is suitable for.

You can also do the opposite and state your preferred tool or insert first and get cutting data calculations and recommendations from the application.

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