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Adjustable face milling cutter for finishing cast iron components, demanding high quality surface finishes.



  • Fully adjustable face milling cutter for best surface finishing
  • Cassette solution with possibility to use both N260.8 inserts and cassettes for CoroMill® 245 inserts
  • High-productive finishing cutter for the automotive industry



  • Large number of inserts
  • Positive rake
  • Easy high precision setting, within ±0.002 mm (±0.0008 inch)
  • High table feeds provide excellent, cost efficient machining



  • Finishing in automotive applications such as engine blocks and cylinder heads 
  • Diameter: 80–500 mm (3.150–9.843 inch)
  • Positive geometries for light cutting action
 ISO application area

















Insert type L: insert with short parallel land. Four left and four right edges to be used when low axial cutting forces are demanded, i.e. thin-walled components. 

Insert type F: wiper with long parallel land to be used when mirror finishing is demanded.

Insert types L and F can be combined to achieve mirror finishing with reduced axial forces.








Product range

Diameter ​Holding system APMX
​85-250 mm ​Arbor 1.0 mm
​250-500 mm ​Cap mounting ​1.0 mm
3.150-9.483 inch​ Arbor​ 0.039 inch
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