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Fixed pocket face milling cutter designed for square shoulder cast iron applications demanding fine surface finishes at high feed rates.



  • Spring clamp system for quick and easy insert change
  • Extra close pitch for high productivity in face and square shoulder milling
  • Close tolerance cutter for superior finishing



  • Large number of inserts
  • 90 degree shoulder
  • High table feeds provides very good, cost efficient machining



  • Face and square shoulder milling, finishing and semi-roughing
  • Diameter: 125–500 mm (4.921–19.685 inch)
ISO application area












​Product range


SBEN wiper insert

SBEX negative chip former with strong cutting edges

SBEX-11 positive chip former generates lower cutting forces, approx. 30%, eliminating vibration

   SBEN    SBEX    SBEX-11


Diameter ​Holding system Max AP
​125-500 mm ​Arbor 8.0 mm
​250-500 mm ​Cap mounting ​8.1 mm
4.921-19.685 inch​ Arbor​ 0.320 inch


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