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​​​- Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) – Standard stocked routers

CoroMill® Plura compression router (2P460-OA)
  • Ideal for woven glass layers on both sides of component
  • Optimal for thinner materials because overlap between compressed flutes reduces material vibrations
  • When tool is not oscillated, this flue design works best in flat components
  • Cutting conditions – dry or with coolant
  • Dual 40 degree helix angle

CoroMill® Plura low helix routers (2P050-OA and 2P051)
  • Ideal for smooth and burr-free finishing passes in composites and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRPs)
  • When fast machining is required – these routers are designed for speed
  • Optimal for challenging conditions, right or left helix options allows flexibility in material types
  • Cutting conditions – dry or with coolant
  • Five degree helix angle

CoroMill® Plura serrated router (2P350-OA)
  • Ideal when high material removal is required
  • When needing to eliminate delamination and vibration issues due to patented dual cutting action
  • For fast machining – geometry is designed as a one-pass solution
  • Cutting conditions – dry or with coolant
  • Dual 40 degree helix

CoroMill® Plura 2N012-COA​
  • Low helix design
    • +5 degree when bottom surface is most important
    • -5 degree when top side is most important and down forces are important
  • Grade CD15 help maintain sharp edges
  • ​PCD brazed for long tool life and excellent surface finish

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​- Surface milling in CFRP

CoroMill 590
  • Standard product in diameters 40 mm 1.5” and up
  • PCD and uncoated H10 grades
  • High accuracy with micro adjustment
  • Light cutting face mill cutter
  • Steel and aluminium cutter body designs
  • Indexable PCD inserts with high precision tip-seat for accuracy

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​CoroMill 390

  • Standard product in diameters 12-125 mm 0.5”-5”
  • PCD, uncoated H13A and coated 1010 grades
  • 11 and 17 insert size
  • Large radii offer
  • For sculptured surfaces using sturtz method

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Orbital machining in CFRP

∗ Solution to be offered as special

  • Carbide orbital machining cutters
  • Also available as PCD vein edge design
  • For CFRP, aluminium and titanium stacked material combinations​
∗ Special - contact Sandvik Coromant for more information.


​Cutting data

​Application ​Material ​m/min ​ft/min ​mm/rev ​inch/rev
Milling/surface milling CFRP​ 300-500​ ​984-1640 ​0.40-0.60 ​0.0157-0.0236
​Orbital machining CFRP/Aluminium​ 60​ ​197 ​0.13 ​0.0051
​CFRP/Titanium 18​ ​59 ​0.08 ​0.0031


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