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CoroBore® 825

Flexible tooling solution

​CoroBore® 825 is a flexible tool covering a large diameter range. The tools can be adjusted radially in order to cover a certain diameter range with one tool. Use CoroBore® 825 with the modular interfaces Coromant Capto® or EH for increased flexibility.

Damped tool machining

Available as damped tool for vibration-free boring even at long overhangs. A stable boring process gives excellent surface finish, process security and high penetration rates.

Precision adjustment

The tools allow precision adjustment in microns in order to achieve close hole tolerances of IT6.

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  • Achieve required overhang even at small diameters with the EH modular system
  • Reliable system with rigid interfaces between head and cartridge
  • Cartridge designed for highest stability
  • Large assortment of CoroTurn® 107 inserts

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Application area

  • Optimized geometries and grades for all materials
  • Used in conventional fine boring and back boring

Conventional fine boring​

Back boring​

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

CoroBore® 825 EH

Boring range mm (inch):
19–36 (0.748–1.417)

Hole tolerance: IT6​​

CoroBore® 825 cylindrical shank​

Boring range mm (inch):
19–36 (0.748–1.417)

Hole tolerance: IT6​​

CoroBore® 825 Coromant Capto®

Boring range mm (inch):
19–167 (0.748–6.575)

Hole tolerance: IT6​​

CoroBore® 825 with Silent Tools™

Boring range mm (inch):
19–167 (0.748–6.575)​

Hole tolerance: IT6​​

CoroBore® XL large-diameter fine boring

Boring range mm (inch):
148–1275 (5.827–50.197)

Hole tolerance: IT6​​


Fine boring with Silent Tools™

With a Silent Tools™ damper built closer to the cutting edge and a fine boring head in aluminium with reduced length, higher performance and increased productivity can be achieved.

CoroBore® Lightweight

Get an overview of large diameter lightweight boring for CoroBore® 820 XL, 825 XL and 826 XL.

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Modular system with CoroBore®

Our Coromant EH® modular system includes a wide assortment of finish boring heads along with different shanks.

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