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CoroBore® 825 XL and CoroBore® 826 XL are the first choices for large diameter fine boring. The tools can be adjusted radially in order to cover a certain diameter range with one tool. The tools allow precision adjustment in microns in order to achieve close hole tolerances.




  • Reliable system with rigid interfaces between head and cartridge for stable and vibration-free boring
  • Dedicated grades and geometries for all materials
  • Excellent surface finish with wiper inserts
  • Dedicated tool holders optimized for large diameter boring
  • Close hole tolerances
  • Available as damped tool (silent tools) for vibration-free boring in diameter 148-315 mm (5.827-12.402 inch) for fine boring even at long overhangs
  • Also available as lightweight tools: CoroBore lightweight boring tools reduce tool weight and tool change moment, making handling easier and larger diameters possible
  • CoroBore 826 HP fine boring head available with high precision coolant directed at the cutting edge for excellent chip control and with stepwise click function for easy tool setting.


  • Large standard assortment of CoroTurn 107 and CoroTurn 111 inserts
  • Cartridge designed for highest stability
  • Cutting fluid through the tool
  • Diameter 298-1.275 mm (11.732-50.197 inch) is made of high strength aluminium, which reduces assembly weight
  • Hard coated for surface protection



  • Dedicated geometries and grades for all materials
  • For conventional fine boring, back boring and external operations
  • CoroBore 825 accurately adjusts the cutting edge with a nonius scale
  • Easy diameter adjustment with CoroBore 826 - feel the microns!
    • Each increment adjustment can be felt with a click
    • Ideal when tool is mounted in spindle with limited access and visibility
    • Close hole tolerances
    • Eliminates setting mistakes
Conventional fine boring
Back boring
(Not recommended for
CoroBore 826 HP)
External operations
ISO application area















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