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​Machining grooves with CoroBore® SL is a productive alternative to milling grooves. This fine-adjustable axial face grooving tool machines grooves in a large number of components and diameters.




  • Increased productivity compared to milling
  • Excellent chip control thanks to internal coolant to the cutting edge
  • Builds on our large assortment of standard SL32 blades and CoroCut system 1-2 inserts
  • Radial fine-adjustable face grooving heads for pre-setting



  • Rigid design with dedicated tools for small and large diameter face grooving
  • Internal coolant
  • Radial fine-adjustable face grooving head for pre-setting
  • For smaller diameters: 47–150 mm (1.850–5.905 inch), C6 and C8 adaptors available
  • For larger diameters: 150–1275 mm (5.905–50.20 inch), use a dedicated face grooving head with CoroBore XL



  • Typical application: pump and valves, hydraulic components and pulp & paper.
  • First choice geometries: -CM or -TF depending on chosen nose radius
    • Recommended starting value for feed: 0.15 mm/rev (0.006 in/rev)
  • If grooves with larger width tolerance is required, chose -GF geometry
    • Recommended starting value for feed: 0.10 mm/rev (0.004 inch/rev)
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​Product range

Diameter range,
mm (inch)


See main catalogue for assortment of blades and inserts

All CoroBore XL holders, diameter 47–1275 mm (1.85–50.20 inch), are still bought separately.


​CoroTurn® SL face grooving head to be used.

Left hand curve

Note: Diameter range valid only when LF on blade = 18 mm (0.709 inch)

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