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CoroBore® 826

Precision coolant

​​Excellent process repeatability due to controlled chip breakage with high precision coolant. The nozzles direct the coolant jet to the cutting edge in order to efficiently break the chips, which are easily evacuated from the hole.

Stepwise scale setting of the tool

​​User-friendly and precise diameter setting, even when visibility and access are limited. The stepwise click function improves process security and eliminates setting mistakes.

Rigid interface

​​​Reliable system with rigid interfaces between head and cartridge for stable and vibration-free boring.

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  • ​​​​​​Very good surface quality
  • Excellent surface finish with wiper inserts
  • Close hole tolerances of IT6
  • ​Flexible solution linking to any machine interface
  • Easy ordering: Order with one code, get a complete tool assembly​

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Application area

CoroBore 826 fine boring tool with precision coolant
  • Fine boring
  • Hole tolerance: IT6
  • Diameter range 36–1267 mm (1.417–49.882 inch)

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Integrated Coromant Capto®

  • Assembly kits including adaptor and cartridge
  • Diameter range: 35–91 mm (1.378–3.583 inch)

Modular solution

  • Assembly kits including adaptor, fine boring head and cartridge
  • Diameter range: 91–154 mm (3.583–6.063 inch)
  • With internal counterweight

CoroBore® XL large diameters

  • Assembly kits with fine boring heads with high precision nozzles
  • Diameter range: 154–1267 mm (6.063–49.882 inch)

CoroBore® 826 with Silent Tools™

  • Assembly kits including bridge, fine boring head and cartridge. To be used with Silent Tools™ adaptors optimized for boring
  • Diameter range: 154-307 mm (6.063-12.087 inch)​


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Precision coolant

Watch the video and see how precision coolant directed to the cutting edge ensures excellent chip control and chip evacuation.

CoroBore® Lightweight

Get an overview of CoroBore® XL large diameter lightweight boring for CoroBore® 820, 825 and 826.

Fine boring with Silent Tools™

With a Silent Tools™ damper built closer to the cutting edge and a fine boring head in aluminium with reduced length, higher performance and increased productivity can be achieved.

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