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​​​​​​CoroBore® 826 HP is the first choice for all fine boring operations. With the unique high precision coolant directed to the cutting edge, CoroBore® 826 HP ensures excellent chip control and chip evacuation. In combination with the stepwise scale setting of the tool, this is the most user-friendly and secure option for fine boring.



  • Process repeatability due to controlled chip breakage with high precision coolant
  • Great surface quality and close hole tolerances
  • User-friendly diameter setting, even when visibility and access are limited
  • Flexible solutions linking to any machine interface
  • Reliable system with rigid interfaces between head and cartridge for stable and vibration-free boring
  • Diameter adjustment by 0.002 mm (0.00008 inch) for high accuracy
  • Excellent surface finish with wiper inserts
  • Close hole tolerances of IT6



  • Fine boring
  • Hole tolerance: IT6
  • Diameter range 36–1260 mm (1.417–49.606 inch)


Industry segments

  • Automotive (Engine, transmission, components)
  • Aerospace (Engine, frame, landing gear)
  • Energy (Oil and gas, steam turbine, power generation)
  • General engineering

ISO application area


Steering knuckle
Landing gear

Connecting rod

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