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CoroBore® BR10

Back boring

Back boring enable machining of a hole with a shoulder that cannot be reached from the opposite direction. It can also be used to optimize concentricity of a hole with a shoulder since the entire hole is machined from only one position.

High-precision coolant

Coolant nozzles with high precision capability built into slide for precise coolant direction. Available up to 80 bar (1160 psi).

Modular interfaces

Modularity with Coromant Capto® and Coromant EH.

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Application area

  • ​Rough boring
  • Back boring​
  • ​Standard CoroTurn® 107 inserts with a wide selection of grades and geometries for all materials
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

CoroBore® BR10 single-edge back boring

CoroBore BR10 is based on the CoroBore BR20 adaptor together with a unique back boring slide and cover. Available as complete back boring assembly kit or separate back boring slide and cover as additional items.

CoroBore® BR10:​ Single-edge back boring

Size DCN DCX CZC BD1 Through hole, TH Insert 90° Machine coupling
A 32 38 20 20 27.0 CC06 EH20
B 37 45 25 24 32.0 CC06 EH25
C 44 54 32 30 39.0 CC06 C3
D 53 65 40 39 47.5 CC06 C4
DX 64 76 40 39 53.0 CC09 C4
E 75 91 50 50 63.5 CC12 C5
F 90 110 50 63 77.5 CC12 C5
G 109 136 63 82 96.5 CC12 C6
H 135 170 63 108 122.5 CC12 C6

Available as complete back boring assembly kit or separate back boring slide and​ cover as additional items

Positioning of rough boring tools

Tool​​ Solution Technical features  
Differential pitch CoroBore® 111inserts High Precision Coolant Flexible diameter range Back boring Laser-marked scale on adaptor Long overhang Stepboring Modular Coromant Capto® Coromant EH
CoroBore® BR10 Back boring     ​  
CoroBore® BR20 Flexible boring tools  
CoroBore® BR20 Silent Tools™ Boring with long overhang  ✔*✔​ 
CoroBore® BR30 High metal removal rate (3 cutting edges)      

*Step boring possible with kappa 90°


CoroBore® BR20 twin-edge boring tool for flexible boring

CoroBore® BR20 is a twin-edge multi-purpose tool for rough boring. The system consists of adaptors with matching slides, shims and covers, making it possible to adapt the tool to various materials and conditions.

CoroBore® BR30 multi-edge boring tool

When maximum productivity is in focus, choose the highly productive multi-edge CoroBore® BR30 to achieve the utmost metal removal rate.

Next generation rough boring tools

The new generation of CoroBore® rough boring tools provides you high-end productivity in all your rough boring operations.

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