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CoroBore® BR20

Differential pitch

​The differential pitch reduces vibration tendencies so that the tools can be used at longer overhangs and larger depth of cuts (example picture).​

Back boring capability

​Possibility to easily be assembled as a back boring tool, using a unique slide and cover.

Step boring functionality

​Built-in step boring functionality without any additional need of an extra shim.

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​​​​High-precision coolant

Coolant nozzles with high precision capability built into slide for precise coolant direction. Available up to 80 bar (1160 psi).

Modular interfaces

Modularity with Coromant Capto® and Coromant EH.

Flexible diameter range

A larger diameter range available for each tool size. The diameter range is consistent with existing CoroBore® 825 fine boring tool assortment (valid up to diameter 150 mm).

Laser –marked scale

Laser-marked scale on adaptor for increased user-friendliness when setting diameter.

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Application area

  • Rough boring
  • Twin-edge boring, step boring and back boring
  • Damped Silent Tools™ solution for vibration-sensitive applications
  • Standard inserts with optimized grades and geometries for all materials
    • CoroBore® 111: Optimized for rough boring applications
    • CoroTurn® 107: Wide selection of grades and geometries
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

CoroBore® BR20 twin-edge boring

​Twin-edge multi-purpose rough boring. The system consists of adaptors with matching slides, shims and covers, making it possible to adapt the tool to various materials and conditions.

CoroBore® BR20 with Silent Tools™ technology

​Perfect problem-solver when working with long overhangs. ​​When using Silent Tools™, you have the opportunity to double the depth of cut, while maintaining productive boring.

CoroBore® 111 inserts

Four-edged standard inserts with optimized grade selection, designed for rough boring. The unique solution offers excellent chip breaking and increased lifetime in ISO P, M, K and S materials.

CoroBore® BR20:​ Twin-edge boring​

Size DCN DCX Insert 90° Insert 84° Machine coupling
A 23 29 CC06 SP06 EH20, C3
B 28 36 CC06 SP06 EH25, C3
C 35 45 CC09 SP08 C3, C4
D 44 56 CC09 SP08 C4, C5
E 55 71 CC12 SP12 C5, C6
F 70 90 CC12 SP12 C5, C6
G 89 116 CC12 SP12 C6, C8
H 115 150 CC12 SP12 C6, C8

CoroBore® BR20 with Silent Tools™ technology

Size DCN DCX Insert 90° Machine coupling
A 23 29 CC06 C4
B 28 36 CC06 C3
C 35 45 CC09 C3,C4,C6
D 44 56 CC09 C4,C5,C6
E 55 71 CC12 C5,C6
F 70 90 CC12 C6,C8
G 89 116 CC12 C8
H 115 150 CC12 C8

Assortment is available as complete assembly kits and as separate items

CoroBore® 111 rough boring inserts for CoroBore® BR20

Insert type/size Entering angle IC Geometry Grade

SPMT 06 06 - Bx

SPMT 09 08 - Bx

SPMT 12 12 - Bx


6, 8, 12


P 4325

M 2025

K 3210

S 1145

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Positioning of rough boring tools

Tool​​ Solution Technical features  


CoroBore® 111

High Precision

Flexible diameter

Back boring

scale on adaptor



​Coromant Capto®

Coromant EH

CoroBore® BR10 Back boring     ​  
CoroBore® BR20 Flexible boring tools  
CoroBore® BR20 Silent Tools™ Boring with long overhang  ✔*✔​ 
CoroBore® BR30 High metal removal rate (3 cutting edges)      

*Step boring possible with kappa 90°


Back boring with CoroBore® BR10

The CoroBore® BR10 back boring tool is based on the CoroBore® BR20 adaptor together with a unique back boring slide and cover.

CoroBore® BR30 multi-edge boring tool

When maximum productivity is in focus, choose the highly productive stable multi-edge (3 to 8 cutting edges) CoroBore® BR30. Optimized solutions for cavity boring in Inconel available.

Next generation rough boring tools

The new generation of CoroBore® rough boring tools provides you high-end productivity in all your rough boring operations.

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