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CoroBore® BR30

Differential pitch

​The differential pitch reduces vibration tendencies so that the tools can be used at longer overhangs and larger depth of cuts.

Highly-productive boring

​Three cutting edges for superior productivity. The short and rigid tool assembly provides high stability and rigidity.

Step boring functionality

​Additional shims available for step boring with CoroBore® BR30.

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​Laser-marked scale

Laser-marked scale on adaptor for increased user-friendliness when setting diameter.

Coromant Capto®

Modularity with Coromant Capto®.

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Application area

  • Rough boring
  • Multi-edge boring, step boring
  • Standard inserts with dedicated grades and geometries for all materials
    • CoroBore® 111: Optimized for rough boring applications
    • CoroTurn® 107: Wide selection of grades and geometries
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Multi-edge boring

​Very productive multi-edge tool for maximum metal removal rate. Short and rigid tool assembly provides high stability and rigidity.

CoroBore® 111 inserts

​Dedicated four-edged standard inserts with optimized grade selection. The unique solution offers excellent chip breaking and increased lifetime in ISO P, M, K and S materials.

CoroBore® BR30: Multi-edge boring

Size​ DCN DCX Insert 90° Insert 84° Machine coupling
A 35 40,5 CC06 SP06 C3, C4
39,5 45 CC06 SP06 C3, C4
B 44 50,5 CC06 SP06 C4, C5
49,5 56 CC06; CC09 SP08 C4,C5
C 55 63 CC09 SP08 C5, C6
62 70 CC09; CC12 SP12 C5,C6
D 69 78,5 CC12 SP12 C5, C6
77,5 87 CC12 SP12 C5,C6
E 86 97 CC12 SP12 C6, C8
96 107 CC12 SP12 C6,C8

Size DCN DCX Insert 90° Insert 84° Machine coupling
F 106 122 CC12 SP12; SN12 C8
121 137 CC12 SP12; SN12 C8
G 136 152 CC12 SP12; SN12 C8
151 167 CC12 SP12; SN12 C8
H 166 191 CC12; CN16 SP12; SN15 C8
189 214 CC12; CN16 SP12; SN15 C8
I 212 237 CC12; CN16 SP12; SN15 C8
235 260 CC12; CN16 SP12; SN15 C8
IX 258 283 CC12; CN16 SP12; SN15 C8
281 306 CC12; CN16 SP12; SN15 C8

Assortment is available as complete assembly kits and as separate items

CoroBore® 111 rough boring inserts for CoroBore® BR30

Insert type/size Entering angle IC Geometry Grade

SPMT 06 06 - Bx

SPMT 09 08 - Bx

SPMT 12 12 - Bx


6, 8, 12


P 4325

M 2025

K 3210

S 1145

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Positioning of rough boring tools

Tool Solution Technical features  
Differential pitch CoroBore® 111inserts High Precision Coolant Flexible diameter range Back boring Laser-marked scale on adaptor Long overhang Stepboring Modular Coromant Capto® Coromant EH
CoroBore® BR10 Back boring     ​  
CoroBore® BR20 Flexible boring tools  
CoroBore® BR20 Silent Tools™ Boring with long overhang  ✔*✔​ 
CoroBore® BR30 High metal removal rate (3 cutting edges)      

*Step boring possible with kappa 90°


CoroBore® BR20 twin-edge boring tool for flexible boring

CoroBore® BR20 is a twin-edge multi-purpose tool for rough boring. The system consists of adaptors with matching slides, shims and covers, making it possible to adapt the tool to various materials and conditions.

Back boring with CoroBore® BR10

The CoroBore® BR10 back boring tool is based on the CoroBore® BR20 adaptor together with a unique back boring slide and cover.

Next generation rough boring tools

The new generation of CoroBore® rough boring tools provides you high-end productivity in all your rough boring operations.

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