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CoroChuck® 930

Customer case, twin-screw manufacturing test

The customer experienced tool pull-out due to vibrations and tool wear.

Material:Steel (42CrMo4)
Machine:DMG MORI NT6500/6000
Chuck:CoroChuck® 930 HD25/C8
Collet:CLF 25/20 (393.CLF-252056)
End mill:2S342-2000-200-PA 1730
pull-out security

Cutting data
n, rpm 3220
vf mm/min (in/min)1500 (590)
ap mm (inch) (differential)10 (0.394) (nominal)
ae mm (inch) (full slot)20 (0.787)
Result: The mechanical locking interface solution generated a stable process and no pull-out. Productivity increased due to longer tool life.

Customer performance test with CoroMill® Plura

OperationTrochoidal milling
Workpiece materialInconel 718 (CMC 20.22, MC S2.0.Z.AG)
MachineHermle C50

Cutting data CoroChuck® 930 Competitor
n rpm31833183
vc m/min (ft/min)80 (260)80 (260)
ap mm (inch)18 (0.709)18 (0.709)
vf mm/min (in/min)763.92 (30.040)763.92 (30.040)
fz mm/z (in/z)0.06 (0.0024)0.06 (0.0024)
Total machining time, min126
Tool conditionTool breakageTool breakage
CoroChuck® 930 increased machining time by 100% due to better clamping conditions and damping abilities.

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