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CoroCut® 1-2


Handling instructions

View and download handling instructions for CoroCut 1-2 QS shanks

Insert change and coolant connection on QS shanks

Find the adaptor for your specific machine

These clamping units and driven tool holders are designed to fit specific turret interfaces, with unique bolt patterns for each machine brand.

Machine adapted clamping units

Application tips

There are a number of tips that when follo​wed will radically improve your parting and grooving operations.

Visit parting and grooving knowledge


  • Start with first choice recommended cutting data
  • All cutting data recommendations are given without precision coolant
  • Increase speed by 30-50% when applying precision coolant
  • In parting off and external grooving CoroCut® 1-2 is a cost-efficient solution to depths where the 2-edged inserts can be used.

If CoroCut 1-2 doesn’t suit your needs, see Parting and grooving tools page for more tool recommendations.

Insert recommendations

Insert seat sizes

  • The inserts are available in different insert seat sizes with different corner radii
  • The insert seat sizes must correspond with the holder seat size

Insert seat sizes

  • D-G with V-shape:
    • Insert widths: 1.5–3 mm (0.059–0.118 inch)
    • Cutting depth: 12.9–18.8 mm (0.508–0.740)
  • H-R with stabile rail design:
    • Insert widths: 4–15 mm (0.157–0.394 inch)
    • Cutting depth: 23.7–28.0 (0.933–1.102 inch)

First choice inserts

Use these charts to find the best first choice insert for your operation

Undercutting with CoroCut® 1-2

CoroCut® 2-edged inserts offer great chip control in undercutting operations with small clearance depths at low feeds.

  • -RM is an all-round geometry for profiling in all materials
  • Use the -RO geometry for operations in stainless steel, HRSA and other sticky materials

Circlip grooving

For low cutting forces and good surface quality, use CoroCut® 1-2 with -GF geometry

Parting off insert recommendations

Steel GC1125 -CF GC1125 –CM GC2135 -CR GC2135 -CM GC2135 -CR
Stainless steel GC1125 -CM GC1125 -CM GC2135 -CM GC1145 -CM GC1145 -CM
Cast iron GC4325 -CM GC4325 -CM GC2135 -CR GC2135 -CR GC2135 -CR
Non ferrous metals H13A -TF H13A -TF H13A -TF H13A -TF H13A -TF
HRSA & Ti GC1105 -CM GC1105 -CM GC1145 -CM GC1145 -CM GC1145 -CM
Hardened steel CB7015 -S CB7015 -S CB7015 -S CB7015 -S CB7015 -S
  1. Parting bars or tubes – Good to normal conditions
  2. Parting bars – Good to normal conditions (sub chuck and/or feed reduction in centre)
  1. Parting bars – Normal to rough conditions, no feed reduction in centre
  2. Parting bars or tubes – Light to medium intermittence
  1. Parting bars or tubes – Medium to severe intermittence

Grooving insert recommendations

Steel GC1125 -GF GC4325 -TF GC4325 -RM GC1125 -RO GC1125 -GF GC4325 -TF GC4325 -TF
Stainless steel GC2135 -GF GC2135 -TF GC1125 -RO GC1125 -RO GC2135 -GF GC2135 -TF GC2135 -TF
Cast iron GC3115 -GM GC3115 -TM GC4325 -RM GC4325 -RM GC1125 -GF GC3115 -TF GC3115 -TF
Non ferrous metals H13A -GF H13A -TF GC1105 -AM GC1005 -AM H13A -GF H13A -TF H13A -TF
HRSA & Ti GC1105 -GF GC1105 - TF S05F -RO S05F -RO GC1105 -GF GC1105 -TF GC1105 -TF
Hardened steel CB7015 -S CB7015 -S CB7015 -RE CB7015 -RE CB7015 -S CB7015 -S CB7015 -S
  1. Grooving
  2. Turning wider grooves
  3. External profiling
  1. Internal profiling
  2. Internal grooving
  1. Turning wider grooves internally
  2. Face grooving

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