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CoroCut® 3 is a complete solution for narrow precision grooving and circlip grooving. It is your first choice for cost efficient parting-off in mass production – you can save kilometers of material by reducing the insert width with CoroCut 3.


  • Precision grooving down to the smallest widths
  • Maximum versatility – one holder for all insert widths
  • Cost efficient due to three cutting edges
  • Stabile interface


  • Three-edge inserts with very close insert indexing tolerance
  • Designed to maintain the holder intact in case of insert breakage.
  • Tool holder assortment includes Coromant Capto and shank holders in small to medium sizes
  • Tailor Made inserts available


  • Geometries and grades for ISO P, M, K, and S materials
  • Parting off diameters less than 12 mm (0.5 inch) or thin walled rings
  • First choice for parting off bearing rings


ISO application area















  • Grooving widths 0.5 – 3.18 mm (0.020 – 0.125 inch)
  • Cutting depths to 6.4 mm (0.252 inch)
  • Extremely small parting widths down to 1 mm (0.035 inch) to save material
  • Circlip grooves
Inserts can be indexed directly on the machine by unscrewing two turns. If insert breakage should occur, the clamping mechanism will not be affected - just index the insert and re-start the machine. CoroCut 3 inserts with front angle are also available for pip- and burr-free parting.
Grades and geometries
There is one versatile grade, GC1125, available for the CoroCut 3 system. It comes in four geometries:
  • - CM for parting off in the medium feed area
  • - CS for parting off in extremely low feed machining
  • - GS for precision grooving at low feed
  • - RS for profiling and grooving at low feed
Tool holding
Right and left handed tool holders, as well as Coromant Capto, QS and SL systems are available for CoroCut 3. Choose insert seat size to match holder and insert.
The clamping system is built on a strong and stable interface between holder and insert. One holder can take all different insert widths. If insert breakage occurs, the clamping mechanism is not affected. Simply index the insert and restart the machine.​


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