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CoroDrill® R840 is a solid carbide drill for productive hole making in various applications. Designed for superior drilling in all materials, including hard steels up to 60 HRC. Available in a variety of diameters for general and small part machining.



  • Secure and predictable solution with minimized run-out
  • Close hole tolerances
  • Regrindable
  • Suitable for a large range of materials



  • With or without through coolant
  • Robust geometry and grade for all materials
  • Tailor made options



  • Conventional drilling, stack drilling, step- and chamfer, angled surfaces, cross hole and thread holes
  • Diameter range from 0,30 mm (0.012 inches) to 20 mm (0.787 inch)
  •  High precision applications in various materials
ISO application area


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Drill and hole tolerance 


Drill diameter DC mm

Nominal drill tolerance​ m7​
Drill depth​ 2-7 x DC​
Hole tolerance​ IT8-10​
Surface finish Ra 1-2 μm
(40-75 μ in)​
Cutting fluid flow​

mm inch
Cutting fluid pressure​
mm inch
Net power​
mm inch
Feed force​
mm inch

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