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When drilling in heat resistant super alloys many things need to be taken into account. Process security is the most important criteria along with repeatability, hole tolerance and quality. CoroDrill R846 delivers this using a unique geometry, a high-quality edge line and a wear-resistant top coating.

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  • Reliability and process security
  • Predictable tool life
  • Excellent repeatability
  • An industry accredited product with high quality reconditioning service



  • Unique geometry for ISO S giving secure chip control
  • Fine-grain substrate and thin PVD coating delivering secure process and tool life
  • Forefront quality edge line and sharpness
  • Free cutting action through increased body back taper



  • Drilling tools suitable for cobalt chrome-, nickel- and titanium-based alloys
  • Up to 5 × diameter
  • Diameter range: 3–16 mm (0.118–0.630 inch)
  • Hole tolerance: H9
  • Optimized for high-performance applications
ISO application area


  • Stable tool holding with CoroChuck™ 930
  • Minimum 15 bar (217 psi) coolant pressure
  • Rigid workpiece clamping



​Product range

Length/Diameter ratio​ Standard Drill diameter,
mm (inch)
Coolant​ Geometry​ Shank type​ Grade​
2-3 x diameter​ DIN 6537 K​ 3-16 (0.118-0.630)​ Y​ R846​ DIN 6535 HA​ 1220
4-5 x diameter​ DIN 6537 L​ 3-16 (0.118-0.630)​ Y​ R846​ DIN 6535 HA​ 1220​
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