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CoroDrill® 400

Flexible and precise tool solutions

The straight flute CoroDrill® 400 is an optimized solution designed for wide use within the automotive industry. It has been meticulously engineered to meet demanding precision needs.

High precision and reliability

By creating a dedicated customized solution for the application, you can achieve increased:

  • Productivity
  • Precision
  • Process security
  • Reliability

High productivity and consistent tool life

CoroDrill® 400 has dedicated substrate and coating to withstand the abrasive wear resulting from high speeds and temperatures, typical in aluminium silicon alloys and cast iron machining.

This helps extend tool life and improve productivity.

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  • Complex multi-step form drills with a diameter range of 3-25 mm, up to 8x
  • Straight flute and 3 flute geometries
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) supported
  • Optimized features, including edge preparation and flute polishing
  • Customized Solutions, supported by Tailor Made
  • Reconditioning
  • High reliability and process security
  • Exceptional and consistent tool life
  • Outstanding productivity, low cost per hole
  • Flexible tool solutions
  • Fast quotations
  • Fast and secure delivery

Machining in carbon fiber or other complex material?

Have a look at our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) offer. Precorp® is a trademarked product technology solution for extremely high-strength cutting tools. Using a patented vein process technology enables innovative diamond tooling solutions in drills, reamers, end mills, and other tools. Watch this short video to see how we make the impossible, well, possible.


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Application area

Used in the automotive industry for:

  • Cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, cases, steering knuckles and brake cylinders
  • Aluminium silicon alloys and all grades of cast iron including GCI, CGI and nodular
  • Pre-tapping hole sizes
  • Chamfer holes and multi-step forms
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals

Product variants

CoroDrill® 400

Straight flute
For complex, multi-step forms and large step ratios

Diameter range: 3 - 25 mm (0.118 - 0.984 inches)
Drilling depth capability: Up to 8xØ
Grade options for maximum productivity

New veined PCD grade (N1DU) available

More info about CoroDrill® 400

Hole making solutions

The straight flute CoroDrill® 400 supports complex, multi-step applications and is custom made to suit your precise component requirements. Features including step angles with chamfer and radii, point angle and up to 8xD capability offer high productivity and long tool life, providing you low cost per hole.

CoroDrill® 400

  • Easy chip removal
  • Straightness of hole and surface finish improved due to double margin
  • Multi-steps, chamfers, radius and forms can be achieved
  • Easy to recondition
  • Fast delivery
  • Flexibility

Step chamfer

Double step chamfer

Step transition examples


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