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CoroDrill® 460

Multi-application drilling

Point angle of 140º ideally suited for multi-application drilling, with good centering capabilities and low thrust force design.

Wear resistance and tool life

Micro-grained carbide for excellent combination of hardness and toughness, results in high wear resistance and longer tool life. Coating with a special finishing treatment reduces coefficient of friction.

Chip evacuation

A strong parallel web design, combined with large flute volume, enhances chip evacuation.

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  • Internal and external coolant
  • Drilling depth 2-8xD
  • Drill and Chamfer ranges as standard
  • Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) shank compatibility as standard
  • Geometry and grade suitable for multi-material applications
  • Customized Solutions supported by Tailor Made
  • Exceptional value with no comprise on quality

The drilling range consists of Versatile, Optimized and Customized solutions within the Solid Round Tools product offer.

  • Versatile solutions features a complete range of high performance tools that offer high flexibility and cost efficiency.
  • Optimized solutions feature a unique line of refined tools for specific needs that provide extreme efficiency, reliability and durability.
  • Customized solutions feature Tailor Made and Advanced Engineered products, individually designed to meet the highest demands on performance.

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Standard range

  • Diameter range 3.0–20.0 mm (0.118–0.787 inch)
  • Drill depth 2–8×diameter
  • Hole tolerance: H8–H9

Conventional drilling

Chamfered holes

Stack drilling

Inclined surfacesCross holesConvex/concave surfaces

  • Cast iron
  • Hardened materials
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals

Product range

Standard drills

Single diameter and Step and Chamfer, available as Standard products.


Customized solutions

​If your required product solution is not within our standard assortment, we have the expertise to indivudally engineer, design and manufacture a bespoke product that meets your specific application demands.

In our Customized Solutions offer, you can choose between Tailor Made or Advanced Engineered, depending on your application complexity and component feature.

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Tool holding

Use CoroChuck 930 with your CoroDrill 460 to maintain efficient production through quick and easy tool set ups and changes.

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Solid Round Tools catalogue

Download and share your digital version of the Solid Round Tools catalogue.

Tool recommendations

Struggling to find the right tool for the job? CoroPlus® ToolGuide offers quick and accurate tool recommendations on all your digital devices.


Recondition your round tool up to 3 times for major cost savings with our reconditioning service.

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