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In deep hole machining, a combination of tool design and cutting fluid pressure is used to evacuate the chips out of the hole. Both the Single tube system and Ejector drill system can produce holes with excellent surface finish, close dimensional tolerance and concentricity. CoroDrill® 800 with central insert L-geometry adds to excellent chip formation and evacuation.  


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  • Excellent surface finish
  • Process security
  • Few spare parts
  • Good concentricity
  • Excellent chip control and evacuation thanks to central insert L-geometry




  • Laser marking of code, dimension and tube range
  • Excellent chip control in both low and high feeds due to the coolant accelerator
  • Wide range of grades suitable for machining in all materials
  • Few inserts and support pad sizes cover the whole diameter range
  • Inserts are available both with G- and L-geometry


  • Deep hole machining in most workpiece materials
ISO application area


L-geometry​ ​G-geometry


Product range 

Ejector drill 800.24 ​​ STS drill 800.20 ​
Diameter range, mm (inch)​ 25.00-65.00 (0.984-2.559)​​ 25.00-65.00 (0.984-2.559)​ ​
Drilling depth ​​ 100 x DC ​​ 150 x DC
Surface finish ​​​ 2 μm ​​  ​​​2 μm ​
Hole tolerance ​ IT10​ IT10​


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