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CoroDrill® 818 is a new counterboring concept that offers high process security due to the TXN insert and iLock tip seat interface. The tool is rigid, easy to use and the flexibility is high due to the large adjustability.



  • Less downtime in production thanks to overnight tool delivery
  • Easy to apply
  • High machine utilization
  • Improved flexibility thanks to a large programme with large radius adjustability



  • Improved chip mouth design for enhanced chip evacuation
  • Timing mark for easy positioning in drill tube
  • iLock tip seat interface for secure insert location
  • Large radius adjustability
  • Superior chip control in all materials with TXN insert
  • One insert for both push- and pull boring



  • Primarily for for counterboring in steels, stainless steels and HRSA materials. Also possible to use in cast irons and non-ferrous materials
  • Diameter range: 40–301.75  mm (1.575–11.880  inch), larger diameters available as engineered solution
  • For STS machines
  • Suitable for complex applications, e.g. oil exploration tools within the oil- and gas industry as well as aerospace and primary metals
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Product range

Diameter, mm (inch) Coupling type​
40–301.75  (1.575–11.880)​ STS​
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