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​​Producing holes in high resin materials, with increasing demands on delamination and spintering, can be optimized with the drill geometry design.

The CoroDrill geometries is designed to improve hole entrance and exit quality on carbon fibre materials with high fibre content.



  • Excellent hole quality and surface finish
  • Reduced risk for delamination and splintering
  • Reduced burr formation on exit in aluminium materials (CD854)



  • CoroDrill 854: Point geometry designed to prevent splintering and fraying
  • CoroDrill 856: Design to reduce delamination problems
  • Diamond coating (N2OC)
  • Available as standard stocked items 4-12.7 mm (0.157-0.500 inch) as well as engineered solutions.
  • Tailor Made options


  • CFRP fibre rich materials - CoroDrill 854
  • CFRP/Aluminium stacked materials - CoroDrill 854
  • CFRP resin rich materials – CoroDrill 856
  • Composite materials with, for example, glass layers - CoroDrill 856
  • BMI - high temperature resistant materials - CoroDrill 856
  • CNC controlled machining centers
  • Robots
  • Portable electrical or pneumatic machines
ISO application area


​Drill angles

CoroDrill 854 CoroDrill 855 CoroDrill 856
Small point angles and high rake angles help to improve hole quality as well as reduce axial forces, which is critical on thin-walled surfaces.

Drill and hole tolerance

  • Max drill depth: 4-5 x DC 
  • Hole tolerance: IT 8-9
  • Ra: 1-5 μm (40-200 μ inch)
The CoroDrill 854 and 856 are available as standard stocked items as well as engineered solutions.
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