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CoroDrill 861

CoroDrill® 861 provides the high stability essential for drilling deep holes, with high speed and efficiency, up to 30xD.

Excellent chip evacuation

ACM (Advanced Chip Management) flute geometry ensures sufficient flute space along the whole length of the tool and encourages small and manageable chips.

Unique surface treatment provides a very smooth surface in the flutes to decrease torque.

Accurate, deep holes

Accurate deep holes to depths of up to 30 × drill diameter, without pecking

Greater productivity

High speeds and feeds allow greater productivity to reduce cost per hole

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  • ​​Specially designed point geometry, helps reduce thrust forces
  • Consistent edge preparation, protects the cutting edge from premature chipping and flaking
  • Double offset margin patented geometry offers greater stability to the drilling operation
  • Internal coolant holes deliver coolant directly to the tip of the drill even at deep drilling depths
  • Can be reconditioning to tools original specification, for extended tool life

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  • Achievable hole tolerance H8−H9
  • Drilling depths: 12−30 × drill diameter
  • Clamp with high precision chucks only
  • A wide range of workpiece materials
  • Conventional drilling, cross holes, angled faces
  • Automotive: crankshafts, engine blocks, cylinder heads
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals


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