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CoroDrill® 863

The hole

When hand drilling aerospace components the following characteristics are critical:

  • Hole diameter
  • Exit delamination or exit burr
  • Straightness
  • Perpendicularity

Aerospace fasteners typically require their own hole tolerance. These are different than universal IT standards. Be sure to ask what the hole tolerances are before starting a test.

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The component

To be successful you need to understand the entire application especially the component size, shape and material.

  • How is the component fixtured?
  • Machinability?
  • Material stacks?
  • Machine capabilities?


Coolant supply influences

  • Tool life
  • Hole quality
  • Chip evacuation

As portable hand motors do not have internal coolant, a lubrication paste is often used and recommended for stack with metallics. No lubricant is needed for CFRP only stacks.

Application tips

Learn more about reconditioning your older tools

Recondition your round tool up to 3 times for major cost savings with our reconditioning service.

Cutting data

CFRP - 60 smm (200 sfm) .08 mm/rev (.003 ipr)
Aluminium - 60 smm (200 sfm) .08 mm/rev (.003 ipr)
Titanium - 15 smm (50 sfm) .05 mm/rev (.002 ipr)
Stainless steel - 15 smm (50 sfm) .05 mm/rev (.002 ipr)

Tailor Made

Sometimes that exact dimension you require might be missing. If so, simply turn to our Tailor Made service.

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