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CoroDrill® 865

CoroDrill® 865 is a brand new geometry that offers increased productivity and stable drilling of oil holes up to 25 times the cutting diameter. Optimized for crankshafts in cast iron and steel materials, CoroDrill 865 offers high penetration rates, repeatability and process security.

Green light machining

New CoroDrill 865 allows your machine to run at full capacity, producing precise oil holes up to 25 times the cutting diameter with high reliability and excellent chip control.

Tailored for precision

CoroDrill 865 is tailored to precise requirements, allowing dimensional adjustments of flute and overall lengths for optimum hole making performance.

Pioneering design

We’ve designed the brand new CoroDrill 865 geometry with a new flute profile to improve chip formation and increase strength. The flutes have excellent surface finish to aid chip evacuation and reduce thrust forces whilst the edge preparation refinement ensures consistency and form.


  • Optimised for crankshafts, inclined oil holes
  • Up to 25 x DC
  • Also suitable for connecting rods and engine components
  • ISO-K and ISO-P materials
  • Dedicated pilot drill
  • Steel
  • Cast iron


Crankshaft excellence

The crankshaft is the heart of the engine and requires deep knowledge and competence. Find a complete solution here for crankshaft manufacturing.

Complete manufacturing solutions

Together with our customers and machine tool makers around the world, we’ve created a sizeable reference library for you to utilize.

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Precision chucks – always

To ensure accuracy, clamp with high precision chucks only. CoroChuck 930 has the best pull-out security on the market, designed to eliminate vibration in milling and drilling operations.

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