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CoroDrill® 870

Select drill tip

PM 4334

- First choice for ISO P, N and titanium

MM 2334

- First choice for ISO M and Inconel

KM 3334

- First choice for ISO K

GP 4334

- Piloting drill tip for all ISO materials

Drilling strategy for deep holes

When drilling holes deeper than 6xD, a pilot hole is needed for best hole quality.

  1. Use CoroDrill® 870-GP ≤ 3xDC to drill a pilot hole with depth ~0.5xDC
  2. With the ≥ 6×DC drill, enter the pilot hole with recommended cutting speed and feed and continue drilling

Tool holding

For best possible tool performance in terms of productivity, tool life, hole quality and reliability. Minimizing run-out is essential.

To minimize run-out, use CoroChuck 930 with a sealed collet.

Insert mounting

For quick and easy tool mounting gently press the tip down and towards the support surfaces while tightening the screw to the recommended torque shown on the drill body.

Preferably use a torque screwdriver to ensure the tip is securely seated.

Application tips

Selecting your cutting data

There are many aspects to consider when optimizing your drilling process and a good starting point can be valuable. Click on below references for recommended speeds and feeds depending on your material:
Metric <6xD
Metric >6xD
Inch <6xD
Inch >6xD
Use CoroPlus® ToolGuide to obtain further tailored cutting data recommendations.

Achieving good hole quality

Achieving good hole quality may require some extra attention. Here you can find some useful tips to get you started.

Advanced operations

Advanced operations such as inclined or curved hole entries, crossing holes and irregular surfaces require extra attention before machining. We have collected useful information to make advanced holes easy.


Internal coolant

  • Internal cutting fluid is recommended for safe chip evacuation
  • Apply sufficient cutting fluid flow and follow the recommendation on emulsion concentration from your supplier

Coolant recommendations

  • When drilling deep holes, sufficient coolant flow is crucial to enable proper chip evacuation
  • Minimum recommended levels of cutting fluid flow is provided according to the adjacent figure

Always use the shortest drill bodies possible

  • Keeping the drill body length to a minimum enhances rigidity and in turn stability and security in drilling applications
  • For applications that require a long reach, CoroDrill® 870 has a Tailor Made option that allows drill bodies to be extended without a chip flute

Use of Tailor Made tips for best performance

  • Sharp edges on the drill tip reduces feed force and the risk of built-up-edges
  • Corner radius provides a stronger corner and can enhance tool life in some applications. It also minimizes exit burrs
Learn more:

Ask your drilling specialist for more information concerning Tailor Made capabilities.


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Minimizing tool run-out in rotating applications

Sandvik Coromant tips film on how to reduce tool run-out in solid carbide and exchangeable tip drills.

Analyzing chip formation

Sandvik Coromant tips film on analyzing chip formation with symmetrical drills.


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