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CoroDrill® 870

Optimized for long predictable tool life and high productivity

The CoroDrill® 870 drill body is designed for high penetration rates and excellent hole quality. Chip flutes have optimized shape, size and helix angle for safe chip evacuation and tool stability.

Grades have predictable wear patterns for long and reliable tool life at high productivity rates.

Geometries showcase high process security, good chip control, high penetration rates and premium hole quality.

Tailored for your needs

CoroDrill® 870 comes in an extensive standard offering. However, when standard isn’t enough both drill body and tips can be further optimized using Tailor Made or engineered solutions.

Among others, the Tailor Made options available include:

  • Longer drills
  • Step and chamfer drills
  • Drill bodies with optimized chip flutes for reach
  • Geometry alterations

Easy handling and productive tip changes

The high precision interface between drill body and tip provides accuracy, security and stability in drilling applications.

Designed for productivity, the interface allows for changing of tips while remaining in the machine, reducing downtime.

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  • Secure and reliable cutting process
  • High penetration rates and excellent hole quality
  • Long predictable tool life and high productivity
  • Low cost per hole
  • Internal coolant
  • Easy handling and secure tip changes
  • Optimized chip control and evacuation
  • Tailor Made options available for tool body and tips

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Application area

Conventional drilling

Inclined exits

Inclined surfaces

Chamfered holes

Cross holes

Stack drilling

Convex surfaces

Step holes

  • Diameter range: 10–33 mm (0.394–1.299 inch)
  • Depth capacity: 3×D–12×D
  • Hole tolerance: H9–H10
  • Capable of being used in a variety of drilling applications
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys

Product variants

-PM 4334

First choice in ISO P, N and titanium.

PM 4334 is considered to be an all-round tip. Although primarily intended for low alloyed and carbon steels, it also shows good functionality and tool life in austenitic stainless steels as well as cast irons.

The grade used in PM 4334 provides an excellent combination of wear resistance and toughness.

-MM 2334

First choice in ISO M and Inconel.

MM 2334 shares a similar geometry as PM 4234, but has a reinforced chisel edge improving tool life especially for duplex stainless steels.

The grade used in MM 2334 is optimized for edge line security and resistance to adhesive forces in ISO M.

-KM 3334

First choice in ISO K.

The geometry for KM 3334 utilizes a corner chamfer, allowing for reduced exit breakouts in the workpiece material.

The grade used in KM 3334 is highly wear resistant, optimized for ISO K.

-GP 4334

Functional in all ISO materials.

The GP 4334 is intended for piloting applications. The geometry has a larger point angle and different tolerance class compared to the other PM/MM/KM geometries.


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Watch CoroDrill® 870 in action

This video shows CoroDrill® 870 taking on a wheel hub. Both a rotating and non-rotating operation is showed along with a piloting strategy that combines a chamfer in order to reduce cycle time.

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Case: Increased productivity with CoroDrill® 870

When Sweden-based Gunnebo Industries started using CoroDrill® 870, it improved operator security and increased productivity by 45%.

Tailor Made

Machining a unique component and need a special drill to suit your application type? Tailor your tools to get the best machining results with our Tailor Made service.

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