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CoroDrill® 880


Select insert geometry

-LM - All-round chip breaker
- Low cutting forces
- First choice in low carbon steel
- Low to medium feed

- First choice in alloyed steel and ISO-K
- Medium to high feed

- First choice in ISO-M and ISO-N
- Sharp edge and low cutting forces.

- Low cutting forces
- Low to medium feed

Select grade

- First choice in normal conditions in ISO-P and K
- Complementary choice in stable ISO-M applications

- Wear resistant choice for ISO-P and K

- Secure grade that works in all types of materials.

- First choice in ISO-M
- Complementary in ISO-S

- Diamond coated
- First choice in ISO-N

-Uncoated grade

Tool maintenance tips

​Use a torque screw driver and a Molycote to ensure that the insert is securely seated. Change the insert screw regularly and ensure that the tip seat is clean and free from obstructions which could offset the insert.


​For troubleshooting information check the guidelines on our knowledge portal.

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Application guide

Achieving good hole quality

Achieving good hole quality may require some extra attention. Here you can find some useful tips to get you started.

Advanced operations

Advanced operations such as inclined or curved hole-entries, crossing holes and irregular surfaces require a bit of extra attention before machining. We have collected useful information to make advanced holes easy.

Quick pockets with plunge drilling

The fastest way to open up a cavity is by using the plunge drilling method. This method consists of drilling holes with a maximum step-over rate of 70%.

Apps for your convenience


Choose the right insert and grade combination

     First choice Complementary choice
Centre insert Peripheral insert Centre insert Peripheral insert
Low-carbon steel P -LM 1044 -LM 4334 -LM 1044 -LM 4324
-LM 4344
Low-alloy steel P -GR 1044 -GR 4334 -GR 1044 -GR 4324
-GR 4344
Stainless steel M -LM 1144 -MS 2044 -LM 1044 -LM 4344
Cast Iron K -GR 1044 -GR 4334 -GR 1044 -GR 4324
-GR 4344
Non-ferrous metal N -LM N134 -MS N124 -LM H13A -LM H13A
HRSA S -LM 1044 -LM 4344 -LM 1144
-LM H13A
-MS 2044
-LM H13A
Hardened steels H -GM 1044 -GM 4344 -GR 1044 -GR 4344


Minimizing tool run out in non-rotating applications

Watch the film to learn from our drilling expert how to secure alignment in lathe applications.

How CoroDrill® 880 helped Valmet

Learn why Valmet welcomed the offer to test run a newly developed version of the CoroDrill® 880, which features improvements that could potentially solve the problems the company was experiencing.

High quality holes in one step

CoroDrill 880 is designed with a strong drill body with centre- and periphery-insert and features unique Step Technology™ for perfect cutting force balance.

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