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CoroDrill® 880

Step technology

​Entering the workpiece with an assymetrical drill by default generates an unbalance. Step technology provide a step-by-step entry with lower cutting forces, and therefore enable a higher productivity as well as close hole tolerances.

An insert for every application

Inserts and geometries, available for all materials and applications, provide high productivity and extended tool life.

More than just a drill

With CoroDrill 880, you can do more than just drilling a hole. The tool can also be used for helical interpolation, boring, plunging, and turning.

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  • ​Wiper geometry for best surface finish or higher feed possibilities
  • Optimized chip channels for accelerated chip evacuation
  • Easy identification due to laser marking with drill-, insert- and screw codes on the drill shank
  • Two or four cutting edges depending on drill diameter
  • Optimized geometries assure high performance in most materials
  • Optimized grades assure longer insert tool life

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Diameter 12-84 mm (0.500-3.307 inch)
Drill depth 2-5xD

  • Drilling
  • Step/chamfer drilling
  • Plunge drilling
  • Helical interpolation
  • Boring
  • Turning
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Shank types

Cylindrical shank (ISO 9766), Coromant Capto, VL, P-shank as standard

Large diameter drill

CoroDrill 880 with cartridges for drilling large diameters.​

Tailor Made drills

Drilling more than just a hole? Use our Tailor Made tools to maximize output.

Dimension control

Use an eccentric sleeve in order to get close hole tolerances or to change the tool dimension.

Product range

CoroDrill 880 indexable insert drill​

For hole diameters 12.00−63.50 mm (0.472−2.500 inch)


Drill depth 2-3 x DC

Drill diameter, mm (inch) Hole tolerance, mm (inch)
12.00-43.99 (0.472-1.732)0/+0.25 (0/+0.010)
44.00-52.99 (1.732-2.086)0/+0.28 (0/+0.011)
53.00-63.50 (2.087-2.500)0/+0.30 (0/+0.012)

Drill depth 4-5 x DC

Drill diameter, mm (inch) Hole tolerance, mm (inch)
12.00-43.99 (0.472-1.732)0/+0.40 (0/+0.016)
44.00-52.99 (1.732-2.086)0/+0.43 (0/+0.017)
53.00-63.50 (2.087-2.500)0/+0.45 (0/+0.018)

CoroDrill 880 step and chamfer drill

Option 1


Option 2

Step 90°

Option 3

Step <90°

  • Available with one extra insert, either step or chamfer
  • Drill lengths up to 3 x diameter (DC1 & DC2)
  • Drill diameter range (DC1): 12.0–63.5 mm (0.472−2.500 inch)
  • Step diameter (DC2) 20.7−85.0 mm (0.815−3.346 inch)

Coupling types
  • Solid couplings:
    Cylindrical with flat (acc. to ISO 9766)
    Cylindrical (same length as ISO 9766)
    Short cylindrical with flat (only shank size 20 (0.787 inch)
    Cylindrical with flat (US-type, inch)
    Coromant Whistle notch
  • Integrated couplings:
    Coromant Capto® ,Varilock, ABS, HSK

CoroDrill 880 indexable insert drill for large diameter holes​

For hole diameters 65.00−84.00 mm (2.559−3.307 inch)

Drill diameter, mm (inch) Drill length Shank type
65.00-79.00 (2.559-3.110)3, 4xDCylindrical with flat according to ISO9766 (metric/inch)
80.00-84.00 (3.150-3.307)3, 4xDVarilock (metric), Cylindrical with flat (inch)


Insert grades for steel and cast iron

To boost drilling in steel and cast iron, look no further than the optimized insert grades GC4324 and GC4334.

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Film: drilling in ISO N

Machining ISO N materials? The new N124 and N134 insert grades will increase your productivity and tool life in non-ferrous materials.

Drilling inserts and grades

Find the right drilling insert grade for your workpiece material, hole diameter, hole depth and required hole quality here.

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