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CoroDrill® 880

Customer case

Component:Drill rod connecter
Material:1018 Steel not annealed 60HRc
Operation:Drill thru friction welded slag, hole depth 76 mm (3.00 inch)
Machine:Okuma lathe
Coolant:Emulsion through tool 6–8%
Cost reduction per component

Competitor Sandvik Coromant
Insert-880-0303W06H-P-GR 4344
880-030305H-C-GR 1044
vc, m/min (ft/min)24 (79)44 (144)
n, rpm400630
vf, mm/min (in/min)30 (1.2)48 (1.89)
fn, mm (inch)0.08 (0.003)0.08 (0.003)
Result:CoroDrill® 880 is running a low RPM which is restricted by long part overhang the rear of spindle. Process stability has improved and insert life is now predictable.

Customer case

Component:Compressor rotor
Industry segment:Aerospace customer
Production rate:3.000 pcs/year

Sandvik Coromant
Insert880-06 04 06H-C-LM H13A
880-06 04 W08H-P-LM H13A
vc, m/min (ft/min)55 (180)
fn mm (inch)0.127 (0.005)
Doc, mm (inch)259 (10.2)
fn, mm (inch)0.06 (0.0024)
Cycle time, seconds300
Tool life, pcs5

Great chip control even though the machine had very low coolant pressure.

Customer was apprehensive using such a large diameter drill to rough out the bore on their machine. The tool ended up exceeding their expectations.​

Wind power: connecting ring machining

Machine:Vertical machining centre, double spindle
Spindle interface:ISO 50 taper
Coolant:Internal coolant 10%
Number of holes per ring:60
Production rate:240,000 holes per year/4000 pieces per year
Objective:Productivity increase

Just by exchanging a conventional drill with a CoroDrill 880, you can double the number of drilled holes in the same amount of time.

Its step technology gives outstanding cutting force balance, providing significant improvements on productivity as well as of the hole quality.

This, in combination with high performance grades makes it outstanding when it comes to rapid hole making.

Visit our Industry Solutions portal for more examples

Productivity increase

1,253 hours
Time saved/year

€ 100,156

Sandvik Coromant solutionCompetitor
Hole diameter45 mm45 mm
Hole depth158 mm158 mm
Cutting tool880-D4500L50-04

880-0805W10H-P-LM 4024

880-080508H-C-LM 1044

Cutting speed (Vc) 320 m/min250 m/min
Feed (fn) 0.12 mm/rev 0.1 mm/rev

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