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Predictive maintenance

With Coromant Capto® DTH Plus you are able to predict the maintenance need of your driven tool holder and plan accordingly.

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Coromant Capto® DTH Plus benefits



Optimized maintenance planning

Maintenance for driven tool holders is typically scheduled on regular intervals. Not knowing the actual maintenance need can lead to overuse of the tool causing an increased risk of equipment or component damages, or premature maintenance resulting in efficiency losses.

Having access to data about the actual maintenance need of each tool holder makes it possible to plan accordingly and thus ensure that service is done based on the true need. The effect is that your driven tool holders will always be in good condition and you secure that your business is operating with high efficiency.



Access real-time data

The software presents you with the following real-time data:

  • Remaining life time until service is needed, enabling service planning
  • Vibration level of the driven tool holder, enabling live monitoring of the spindle
  • rpm and direction of rotation, ensuring you do not exceed your driven tool holder’s limits
  • Temperature, enabling monitoring of temperature within the driven tool holder



Know all about your tool

The software provides current and historical information about your tool:

  • Extensive product data
  • Tool usage data including maximum values encountered in the current service cycle
  • Driven tool holder location, including factory, machine name, turret and station number
  • History graphs display the maximum values of rpm, temperature and vibration for all stored work cycles, enabling a detailed overview of usage



Quick change

The quick change functionality reduces your time spent on measuring, set-up and tool change, allowing for improved machine utilization.



Coromant Capto® coupling

The driven tool holders are equipped with Coromant Capto® coupling, enabling the use of a wide range of high-performance milling and drilling tools.​

Coromant Capto® DTH Plus offer


Connected driven tool holder


Subscription service including access to software features, support and continuous firmware/software updates

To reach the full potential of this offer, you need both the connected driven tool holder and the subscription service. The software can be run on any Windows 10 device with Bluetooth 4.2 (device is not included in the offer).

Get started now

  1. Download the software

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  2. Log in

    To log in you need to have a Sandvik Coromant user account. You can log in directly from the software.
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  3. Connect

    Follow the guidelines in the software to connect your driven tool holder.

  4. Go online

    Bring your device with the software online.

  5. Activate

    Log in to the license management portal to activate your driven tool holder.

  6. Safety

    Read the handling instruction for safety and correct use of the driven tool holder.

Please note:

Firmware/software updates are released regularly. It is recommended to always use the latest version.

Internet access is required during software activation, online verification at two month intervals, and when performing software updates.




The offer is available in the countries marked yellow on the map below. For more information, or to order your Coromant Capto® DTH Plus today, please contact your local Sandvik Coromant representative.




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Download PDF (English)


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Download PDF (English)


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Optimized machine utilization

Predictive maintenance, together with real-time access to usage data, will help you to optimize your machine utilization and get the most out of your tools.


The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

Visit the CoroPlus page

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Assemble tool items from the Sandvik Coromant ISO13399 standard catalogue. Place your tool assembly in your shopping cart or download the STP file for simulation or documentation.

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