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Coromant EH


Damped adaptors

When using damped Silent Tools™ adaptors with Coromant EH coupling, use indexable milling heads. Solid mil​ling heads do not allow clearance for Silent Tools adaptors.

Download handling instructio​n here


Use a torque key for best performance and tool life.

  • EH size, torque Nm (lbs)
  • EH10, 12 Nm (106 lbs)
  • EH12, 15 Nm (132 lbs)
  • EH16, 30 Nm (265 lbs)
  • EH20, 50 Nm (442 lbs
  • EH25, 65 Nm (575 lbs)

Choose short assembly

For best performance of your tool, always choose the shortest possible tool assembly.

Application tips


Explore foundations of milling, troubleshoot and find application tips.


Find tips for productive and efficient boring in finishing and roughing operations.

Tooling systems and machines

Learn about machine considerations to make in order to get the most out of your machining.

BT30 - Integrated holders

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Integrated machi​​​ne adaptors and shanks usage areas

Steep taper and HSK integrated short
Steep taper and HSK integrated long
Coromant Capto® long conical
Silent Tools
Coromant Capto® short
Integrated ER
Coromant Capto® short design
Coromant Capto® long

Small to medium machining centres


4-axis machines Reach

5-axis machines Point milling

Large machining centres

5-axis machines Point milling

3-axis machines

4-axis machines Reach

Turning centres




Multi-task machines

Sliding head machines


✔ = Recommended usage area​​

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