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Plunge drilling is an effective method for roughing out cavities. It makes a deeper hole or cavity through repeated axial cuts. Coromant U drill can be used in broad machining conditions.



  • High tool body strength enables demanding plunge drilling operations
  • Power efficient, productive solution with high metal removal rate



  • Center and periphery insert
  • Geometries and grades for all materials
  • Wiper geometry for best surface finish
  • Engineered special options diameter range available
  • Available with internal coolant supply


Plunge drilling in most materials

  • Max drill depth is 6 x DC for plunge milling in through- and blind holes. Blind holes need to be monitored for chip accumulation and evacuation.
ISO application area





  • Due to the interrupted cut, a tough grade and a strong geometry is needed. Use grade GC1020 with geometry 53
  • For best stability, always use the shortest possible drill
  • Use internal coolant supply for better chip evacuation
  • Maximum step-over rate: 70% of the drill diameter. This will provide the optimal cavity-making efficiency without leaving a material core in the cavity

​Drill and hole tolerance
  • Drill diameter DC, mm (inch)​: 12.7 – 35 (0.500 – 1.378)
  • Tolerance mm (inch): ± 0.2 (± 0.008 inch)​
  • Max hole depth: 6 x DC
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