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  • High teeth density for increased productivity
  • Optimized for InvoMilling – robust cutter body gives stability, resulting in minimal tool deflection
  • High-precision insert seats ensure low tool run-out and excellent component quality



  • InvoMilling – gear profile by CNC program
  • External gears and splines
  • Spur gears, helical gears and straight bevel gears
  • Roughing to finishing of the gears’ involute form and the gear root
  • Multi-task machines and five-axis machining centres
  • Dry machining



ISO application area




In-house gear milling in standard machines

  • Flexibility – same tools for many gear profiles
  • Gear machining in multi-task machines and five-axis machining centres
  • Complete components in one machine and one set-up


Typical component where InvoMilling has great advantages: gear shaft for gear box, sector gear and shaft for hydraulic gear pump.

How does it work?

InvoMilling is a combination of groove milling and turn milling that utilizes the machine’s multi-axis capacity.


Roughing of tooth gap


Milling of gear root


Milling of the lower gear profile


Milling of the upper gear profile


Finished gear tooth

​Product range

For a similar tool for larger modules see CoroMill® 162.

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