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Most components require at least one chamfer operation. This makes frequent tool changes a potential problem, especially when machining small batches in different materials. With CoroMill 495®, the same tool can perform multiple kinds of chamfering in several materials, ideal for keeping downtime low and machine utilization high.

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  • Versatile tool for many different chamfer operations
  • Flexible inserts capable to perform in several workpiece materials
  • High machine utilization thanks to few tool changes


  • Indexable inserts with four cutting edges
  • Grades and geometries with wide-range functionality in several workpiece materials
  • Cutter bodies with high number of inserts in relation to body size


  • Chamfering of holes and along edges
  • Typical operations are chamfers, back chamfers, preparation for welding and deburring


ISO application area

​Product range

Cutter bodies

 Cutter diameter​  Chamfer angle​  Coupling type
 12–25 mm  15°, 30°, 45°, 60°  Cylindrical shank
 0.5–1 inch  15°, 30°, 45°, 60°  Weldon
 12–25 mm ​  45° ​  Coromant EH
 40–63 mm  45° ​  Coromant Capto®


Insert size​  Grade​  Geometry  ISO application area
 9  GC1030  -PM  P, K, N
 9  GC1030  -MM  M, S
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