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​An innovative indexable insert cutter for productive gear wheel machining.

CoroMill® 176 is a more cost-efficient alternative to regrindable HSS (high speed steel) tools and is designed for gears in the module range 3 to 10. Its ability to reach higher cutting speeds combined with user-friendly insert changing will reduce cycle times, making it the high productivity gear milling choice.


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Updated cutter with increased teeth density for even higher productivity.


  • Reduced total cost per gear wheel compared to HSS tools
  • High cutting speeds
  • Longer tool life, reduced downtime
  • Easy and repeatable tool indexing and handling
  • No additional regrinding or recoating costs



  • Quality class B in accordance with DIN 3968
  • High number of effective teeth reduces machining time per gear wheel
  • Available as modular solution. This tooling option provides a very rigid hobbing solution with modular benefits such as flexibility and low down time
  • iLock insert interface for added precision and high tolerances
  • User-friendly insert indexing procedure




  • Gears for industrial transmissions, heavy vehicles, wind power
  • Roughing, semi-finishing, finishing
  • Gear profiles according to DIN 3972-2
  • Module range: 3–10
  • Hobbing machines, multi-task machines, 5-axis machines
ISO application area






​Product range

  • We offer an assortment of DIN standard inserts, with inserts for special gear profiles available on request.
  • Module range: 3–10
  • New insert grade 30GM​
  • Geometry: -PM
  • Engineered inserts for specific gear profiles also available on request
  • Cutter bodies available as engineered tools


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