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CoroMill® 179

High productivity and flexibility

​Possible to machine the complete component in a multi-task machine or machining centre in one single set-up, which shortens production time, improves quality and reduces handling and logistics costs.

Reduced cycle times

​Considerably reduced machining cycle time compared to conventional machining methods, such as broaching, shaping and hobbing.

Efficient also in dry machining

​Power skiving runs efficiently also in dry conditions, which eliminates coolant costs and makes for environmental- and operator-friendly machining.

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  • Adjustable insert seats for high precision
  • Positive rake angle for a light cutting action
  • Easy to exchange inserts
  • Grade 30GM gives very good and predictable tool life
  • Very good insert position repeatability

Application area

  • Internal and external gears and splines
  • Cylindrical spur and helical gears
  • Roughing to finishing
  • Module range:
    • CoroMill 178 solid cutters: 0.5–5 (DP 50–5)
    • CoroMill 179 indexable one-edge cutters: 2–5 (DP 12–5)
    • CoroMill 180 indexable two-edge cutters: 2.5–8 (DP 10–3.2)
  • Use InvoMilling™ for small to medium batch production and power skiving for mass production
  • Steel

Product range

CoroMill 179 one-edge indexable insert cutter

Outer diameter:
63–500 mm (2.48–19.7 inch)

Bore diameter:
16–100 mm (0.630–3.94 inch)

Module, spline:
2.5–8 (DP 10–3.2)

Module, gear:
2.5–8 (DP 10–3.2)

Tip radius:
0.1 mm (0.004 inch)

How to order

Power skiving is available as an engineered solution. For more information, contact your local Sandvik Coromant representative.
In the Sandvik Coromant solution you are offered the tooling, the application support as well as a service offer with technical feasibility consultancy.

Chamfering and deburring tools to complement the power skiving tools are also available.

What is power skiving?


Power skiving is a continuous cutting process that enables all machining to be carried out in a single setup. In essence, it is a combination of hobbing and shaping. The intersecting angle between tool and gear axis and the revolution speed is decisive for productivity.

A further advantage of the machining method is its capability to machine close to shoulders, allowing greater freedom in design of components.


CoroMill® 178 solid tools for power skiving

CoroMill 178 powder metal high speed steel and solid carbide tools with high accuracy regarding run-out and pitch, providing an optimal finishing profile.

CoroMill® 180 indexable two-edge insert cutter for power skiving

CoroMill 180 is a two-edge indexable power skiving solution with fixed inserts. It has a railed insert seat for excellent, repeatable accuracy.

Automotive transmission

Sandvik Coromant offers tools for most transmission components, backed up with in-depth application know-how.

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