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The CoroMill® 210 is a very productive roughing concept to use when high metal removal rate is the first priority. A 10° entering angle allows extreme feed rates when face milling. This directs the cutting forces in an axial direction which provides a stable cutting action and no vibration tendency. 



  • High table feed due to the chip thinning effect – high productivity
  • First choice face milling cutter in long overhang machining
  • Multipurpose tool. Face milling, boring possibilities, ramping and plunge milling



  • Coromant Capto® coupling, cylindrical shank, Arbor, Weldon or CIS Arbor mounting
  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials apart from ISO N
  • Two insert sizes – 9 and 14 mm
  • E-xM geometry for excellent performance in titanium
  • Through coolant



  • High feed face milling
    • Long overhang machining
    • Roughing with high productivity


      10° entering angle results in favourable cutting forces directed towards the spindle.


  • Plunge milling
    • When the tool overhang is greater than 4×D
    • When the stability is poor
    • For semi-finishing in corners
    • For difficult-to-cut material such as titanium 


  • Ramping



  • Diameter range: 25–160 mm (1.000–6.000 inch)


ISO application area



CoroMill® 210 is now available with steel milling grades GC4330 and GC4340 with Inveio® technology for improved tool life and increased process security.

CoroMill 210 GC4330 and GC4340 with Inveio™ technology


Machine tool recommendations

  • Taper 50 machines, corresponding size and larger
  • Taper 40 machines at low spindle speed, low rpm, and with non-ceramic bearings


iC Dimensions, mm (inch) Uncut material
R b ap x
92.5 (.098)7.05 (.278)1.2 (.047)0.79 (.031)
143.5 (.138)12.0 (.472)2.0 (.079)1.48 (.058)

Product range



Dimensions​ ap, mm (inch) ae​, mm (inch)
9​1.2 (0.047)​8 (0.315)
​14​2.0 (0.079)​13 (0.512)



Diameter​ ​IC Holding system​ Max ap,
25-66 mm​09​
Arbor, cylindrical shank,
Coromant Capto, threaded coupling  ​
1.2 mm​
1-2.5 inch​09​Arbor, CIS arbor, Coromant Capto, cylindrical shank, Weldon ​0.047 inch
52-160 mm​14​Arbor, Coromant Capto, ​2.0 mm​
2.0-6.0 inch14​Arbor, Coromant Capto, CIS arbor ​0.079 inch​


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