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  • Inserts with two cutting edges
  • Shank protection inserts on larger diameter cutters
  • Flexible reach lengths with modular cutting heads in combination with a variety of shanks


​Product range

  • Diameter range: 10–50 mm (0.394–1.968 inch)
  • Couplings: Coromant Capto®, Coromant EH, cylindrical shank, Weldon and MSSC


​Inserts options


Inserts for higher security and heavier cuts.

Inserts with sharper edges for higher precision, suitable for semi-finishing.



Radius limitations
During full slotting, the bottom profile will not form a perfect radius. This form, which appears at the centre cutting zone of the tool, can be minimized by using the E-tolerance inserts..



​Edge tolerance*

​ ​Insert type
​        ​       
R ​A ​B
​R ​A ​B

 *Unit of measurement: mm.

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