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CoroMill 245 Light-cutting face mill for heavy roughing and mirror finishing

Milling cutters for high metal removal and mirror finish. The cutter is designed with enhanced corners to reduce burr formation and frittering of the component.



  • Easy to use and high productivity
  • Light cutting with low power consumption
  • Close tolerance combined with the wiper insert for superior surface finish
  • Wide range of grades and geometries including ceramic and CBN grades



  • 45˚ face milling cutter
  • Demanding roughing to mirror finishing
  • Smooth and light-cutting action for low cutting forces
  • Four cutting edges per insert
  • Wiper inserts for high feed finishing
  • Arbor, CIS arbor, cylindrical shank, Whistle notch/Weldon mounting
  • Also available in exchangeable cassette system, a concept for rough to semi-finishing of steel



  • Face milling applications in all types of materials
Diameter range
  • Face mill: 32–250 mm (1.250–10.000 inch)
  • Face mill with exchangeable cassette: 160–500 mm (6.000–20.000 inch)
ISO application area













Size 12
First-choice in ISO N
Complement in ISO P, M and K with carbide inserts
First-choice for face milling with advanced materials (ceramics, PCD and CBN)
Size 18
First-choice for large depths of cut, > 6 mm (0.240 inch)
Cassette solution available

Size 12 -
Up to 6 mm (0.240 inch)
Size 18 -
Up to 10 mm (0.394 inch)




Insert size: 12 mm






Insert size: 18 mm


General​ Stable​




Light cutting​


High security​


Wiper inserts for all CoroMill® 245 versions
Fixed pocket face mills:
  • 12 and 18 mm wiper insert options to combine with precision ground milling inserts for mirror finish face milling and turn milling.


Adjustable face mills with exchangeable cassettes:
  • Facilities for setting within 0.1 mm (0.039 inch) allow the use of 18 mm wiper inserts together with direct pressed economy inserts



CoroMill® 245 with exchangeable cassettes

​Setting within 0.1 mm
(0.0039 inch)
​Serrated cassette interface
for safe performance
​Easy maintenance with
safe wedge clamping


Product range
Diameter, mm (inch)​ IC, mm (inch)​ APMX, mm (inch)
32-250 (1.250-10)​ 12 (12)​ 6 (0.240)​
80-250 (3-10)​ 18 (18)​ 10 (0.394)​
Product with cassette
Diameter, mm (inch)​ IC, mm (inch)​ APMX, mm (inch)
160-500 (6-20)​ 18 (18)​ 10 (0.394)​

The product with cassette is a special offer available on request; please contact your Sandvik Coromant sales representative.

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