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CoroMill® 300 is a round insert cutter for a broad range of operations such as face milling, pocketing, and profiling. Its light cutting action allows for smooth entries and exits and for use of extended tool set-ups.

The cutters generate low cutting forces and little heat when machining with small depths of cut. This allows the table feed to be increased five to ten times compared to general machining.



  • Universal product with a wide application window
  • Large assortment covering many applications
  • Cutters with positive design have light cutting action and generates low cutting forces, which allows for extra close pitched face mill versions with small inserts for high productivity at high speeds combined with high table feeds
  • End mills with great accessibility and cutting action in all feed directions for multi-axis machining of complicated forms



CoroMill® 300 is now available with steel milling grades GC4330 and GC4340 with Inveio® technology for improved tool life and increased process security.

Coromill® 300 milling grades GC4330 and GC4340






1. Full slot milling
2. Face milling
3. Ramping
4. Profiling
5. Pocket milling

ISO application area


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