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When to use

  • First choice for high feed side milling in titanium alloys
  • Excellent in intermediate conditions (ae up 10% Dc) when good surface quality is needed

Benefits and features

  • APMX of 1.5×Dc
  • Radial relief and edge rounding for a tough cutting edge
  • Uneven tooth pitch to avoid chatter
  • Optimized core for higher stiffness at high overhangs
  • 6 flutes for increased productivity
  • Dedicated grade for titanium alloys

Additional information

Available also in Tailor Made version within the Customized solutions range

Reconditioning service is available

How to find the right product by the product code

Search for the tool style (TSYC) 316..FL..L or A316..FL..L(inch) and grade 1745

Example: 316-12FL642-12010L 1745

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Shoulder milling + + +
Pocket milling + + +
Helical interpolation +
Ramping +
Shank EH
Face geometry
Grade 1745
ISO material
  • S


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