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A versatile cutter which can be used for many types of grooves, threads and chamfers; machining of eccentric components such as gearbox casings, and high volume assemblies, mainly in machining centres and rotating units in lathes.



  • Low cutting forces
  • Sharp cutting edges for high quality grooves without burr
  • Multiple edges for highly productive and economic machining
  • Large programme with different shank lengths and diameters
  • Large programme of inserts covering for instance circlips, o-rings, slots and threads



  • Weldon shank in steel and carbide with different lengths
  • Solid carbide and steel shanks in several lengths for stable set-ups and high productivity
  • Insert geometries and one grade for all materials apart from ISO H
  • Secure locking of insert
  • Through coolant
  • Inserts with three or six teeth
  • Sharp precision-ground insert
  • Different thread pitches possible with one tool










  • Circlip grooving
  • Thread milling
    • Pitch 1–4.5 mm (24–5 threads per inch)
    • V-profile 60° (partial profile)
    • Metric 60° (full profile)
    • Whitworth 55° (full profile)
    • UN 60°
  • Groove milling
  • Chamfering, both front and back
ISO application area


Product range​

Grooving and circlip grooving​

Circlip grooves with chamfer​

Grooving full radius​



​Other profiles are available as special, please contact your Sandvik Coromant representative. ​ ​ ​ ​



For best performance always make sure to:

  • Clean the tip seat before use
  • Preload the tip seat
  • Use the right torque for mounting the insert

When programming with tool centre feed, the periphery feed can be far too high. Make sure to program with radius compensation to ensure the correct feed.

CoroMill 327 is used with steel or solid carbide shanks, available in four diameters and overhangs from 74 to 160 mm (3.150–6.299 inch).
  • Steel shanks for general machining when the milling conditions are good
  • Solid carbide shanks to provide lower deflection, enabling longer overhangs and tougher machining with minimized vibration

Coromant Capto® short and integrated ER collets are also available for driven units in lathes. Integrated ER collets size ER11–ER16 can also be used in sliding head machines.

Using adaptor with Coromant EH interface in the backend enables use of CoroMill® 327 in many different tooling assemblies for various component features and machining challenges. These adaptors can be used together with Coromant EH cylindrical shanks and CoroChuck® 930.


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