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CoroMill® 331

High-precision capability for numerous operations

High quality surfaces, excellent metal removal rates and true 90° corners make this cutter the most productive of its kind.

Adjustable, spring-loaded cassettes with serrations

​Adjustable cassettes enable you to set the cutter with high accuracy for precise groove dimensions. The cutter also features spring-loaded cassettes with serrations for security and easy precision setting for desired width.

Internal coolant solution

Internal coolant regulates heat at the cutting zone for long and predictable insert tool life. It provides excellent chip evacuation, decisive for process security and groove quality.

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  • Large assortment covering an extensive choice of diameters, widths, insert geometries, corner radii and grades, offering flexibility in numerous face-, shoulder-, and side and face milling operations
  • Light-cutting geometries deliver reliable ISO P and K machining in weak set-ups and long overhangs and security and tool life in ISO M and S applications
  • ​Round insert options and a vast assortment of corner radii available as standard
  • Inserts with eight edges for face milling operations
  • Grade GC1130 inserts with Zertivo™ technology for long and predictable tool life
  • Available with fixed pocket design with extra high teeth density
  • Wide range of mounting options. Wide grooves can be produced by several CoroMill 331 cutters mounted together in a gang

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Application area

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  • Grooving
  • Parting off
  • Double half side milling
  • Shoulder milling
  • Face milling
  • Back face milling
  • Gang milling
  • Circular interpolation
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Fixed pocket design

Diameter: 40–125 mm (1.5–3 inch)
Width: 6–10 mm (0.25–0.5 inch)
Coupling: Bore with keyway, cylindrical shank, Weldon​
Coolant: Available with and without internal coolant for all cutters

Adjustable full side and face

Diameter: 80–315 mm (3.15–12 inch)
Width: 6–26.5 mm (0.236–1.043 inch)
Couplings: Bore with keyway, cylindrical shank, Weldon, arbor
Coolant: Internal coolant available for diameter 80-160 mm (3.15-6 inch)

Adjustable half side and face

Diameter: 80–315 mm (3.15–12 inch)
Couplings: Bore with keyway, cylindrical shank, Weldon, arbor​
Coolant: Internal coolant available for diameter 80-160 mm (3.15-6 inch)

Tailor Made

Wide assortment of Tailor Made tools offers extensive opportunities to optimize your cutting process.

  • Full slot with radius with cassette
  • Inserts with chamfer clearance to minimize overlap and reduce vibration

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Tool description

Half side

CDX ≤ 114.5 mm
CDX ≤ 4.311 inch

ap ≤ 10.6 mm
ap ≤ 0.417 inch

Full slot with radius

CDX ≤ 114.5 mm
CDX ≤ 4.311 inch

ap ≤ 6–26.5 mm
ap ≤ 0.236–1.043 inch

Full radius

CDX ≤ 114.5 mm
CDX ≤ 4.311 inch

ap ≤ 10–16 mm
ap ≤ 0.375–0.629 inch

Full slot fixed pocket

CDX ≤ 34.0 mm
CDX ≤ 0.850 inch

ap ≤ 6–10 mm
ap ≤ 0.250-0.500 inch

Full slot cassette

CDX ≤ 114.5 mm
CDX ≤ 4.311 inch

ap ≤ 6–26.5 mm
ap ≤ 0.236–1.043 inch

Cutters and available inserts

Cutter bodiesInsert size Neutral inserts Right and left hand inserts
Groove width rangeCutter versions
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Radius (RE)
0.5 mm
0.020 inch
Radius (RE)
0.8 mm
0.031 inch
Radius (RE)
2 mm
0.079 inch
Radius (RE)
1.52 mm
0.060 inch
Radius (RE)
2.29 mm
0.090 inch
Radius (RE)
3.05 mm
0.120 inch
Radius (RE)
4 mm
0.157 inch
Radius (RE)
4.83 mm
0.190 inch
Radius (RE)
6.35 mm
0.250 inch


Run-out over master inserts

Fixed pockets

Radial run-out: 0.04 mm (0.0016 inch)
Axial run-out: 0.03 mm (0.0012 inch)

Adjustable pockets

Radial run-out: 0.02 mm (0. 0008 inch)
Axial run-out: 0.02 mm (0.0008 inch)


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Demo: Internal coolant

See CoroMill 331 with internal coolant in action.

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Improve your groove quality

Internal coolant can play a crucial role when you want to further improve your groove milling operations.

New CVD grades for steel milling

CoroMill® 331 is now available with grades GC4330 and GC4340 for improved tool life and increased process security.

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